What is Psychology

The emergence of psychology is based on especially Aristo and the writings of the old Greek philosophers; they left about the nature of life.Psychology was formed from merging of the words psyche (soul) and logos (science) in Greek.

Psychology examines human behavior and mental processes with scientific and experimental methods and investigating the causes of the psychological and physiological aspects underlying these, the occurrence of this behavior which emotional, social, is a science that seeks to understand and explain that the developmental factors. Psychology examines and treats various activities such thinking, learning and perception. This defines the activities; explain how and why they occur. Psychology, also tried to reach the general principles of behavior based on scientific findings obtained explained.

Covering the different aspects of human psychology examines dividing certain sub-areas. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial \ Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology titles among these sub-areas.

Psychology has developed with the contributions of many years with world-renowned scientists and one the necessities of today's society, it has become a science that needs to be heard everywhere there are people.